What is it?


The largest sport event in the world happens every 4 years and in 2014, Brazil was the host.
Thousands of apps would reach the market to celebrate this once in a lifetime event. We were set to make history.
Valendo F.C. allow users to predict the score for all 64 matches and challenge their facebook friends on the results. May the best win!

How does it work?

Join and Play

You can join Valendo F.C. with your facebook account.
Select your match and set the result.

Your game

You may challenge all your facebook friends and set the winning prize!

Your dashboard

User may access their account with all results and challenges. You will never forget your prize!

Overall result

Thousands of accounts were created during the 30 days Valendo F.C. was on! We reached every single goal we had for the project!
We were a major part in the largest event ever in our beloved country! And we will never forget Germany!


For 30 days Valendo F.C. Was among the best world cup apps in the AppStore. We ranked top100 for 14 consecutives days!